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Husqvarna Parts

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Genuine Husqvarna Parts

Your products are only as good as its individual parts. Using genuine Husqvarna replacement parts will guarantee optimal efficiency and prolong the life of your equipment.

Where to find the right part?

Cape Fear Tractor & Saw is your local Husqvarna parts dealer and is a product expert who will be happy to troubleshoot your equipment, order spare parts in a timely manner, and perform the needed installation.

Husqvarna spare parts online store

You can order genuine spare parts directly from Husqvarna's Spare Parts Online Store.

Individual parts list (IPLs)

IPLs will contain detailed diagrams and lists of product parts. Enter your product’s model number on the Manuals and Downloads page to search for the individual parts and owner's manuals for your equipment.


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Why should you use genuine spare parts from Husqvarna?

Custom fits

Husqvarna parts are uniquely designed for each individual machine. The result is less time spent on adjustments when replacing parts and far better performance across the equipment’s lifetime.

High-quality materials

The use of high-quality materials in Husqvarna's parts results in both parts and machines that perform optimally for longer and maintain a higher resale value.

Continuous development

Husqvarna works tirelessly to develop and improve our parts. To ensure that our manufacturing quality remains uniformly high, constant testing is carried out.


Learn more about Husqvarna parts

  • Chainsaw parts
    Chainsaw parts

    Husqvarna bars, chains, and spare parts are built to the same high standard as our chainsaws. The use of high-quality materials, along with product development based on the real demands of tree care, ensures maximum efficiency and cutting performance from your Husqvarna chainsaw.

    • High-quality materials
    • Ensures optimum efficiency
    • Delivers maximum performance
    • Based on the real demands of tree care


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  • Lawn mower, Zero-turn and riding lawn mower parts
    Lawn mower, Zero-turn and riding lawn mower parts

    Each of Husqvarna’s premium mower parts is built with high-quality materials and designed to maximize the performance of our mowers. Don’t settle for second best, choose only genuine Husqvarna parts for optimum efficiency from your machine.

    • High-quality materials
    • Ensures optimum efficiency
    • Delivers maximum performance
    • Designs based on product field testing


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