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TYM Service

To help you get the most out of your TYM machine, this section provides detail service, maintenance and parts information. Explore product information and use our guides to using your TYM tractor or machine in diverse working environments.

  • Maintenance Option

    Check machine maintenance parts and schedule for optimal performance

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  • Warranty Information

    Understand basic coverage for your TYM machine

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  • Available Downloads

    Explore operator manuals, parts catalogs and brochures

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  • Useful Resources

    Discover maintenance guides and tips across the seasons

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Comprehensive coverage that brings you piece of mind about your machine

To help maximize your return on your investment, TYM covers the major parts and components against the age of your tractor or machinery. Our bumper-to-bumper covers your machine for up to 3 years, depending on the site conditions in your area and any exclusive dealer terms. From the 3rd to 6th year, our dealers will cover the parts and labour for any repairs you may need on your drivetrain. Additionally, your powertrain is covered for up to 3,000 hours running.

These warranty and coverage terms come at no extra cost from TYM or your dealer. We stand strong on approving any claims under our warranty coverage to provide you the peace-of-mind to operate your machines confidently. If you have issues related to claiming warranty coverage



TYM services benefits

Using the feedback from our customers and the insights of our dealers, our engineers and designers produce blueprints and configurations for tractors that are look and feel good. So every TYM machine has beautiful form


  • Functional

    Our designs are geared towards enhancing the function of every product, deliberately configured to bring our customers comfort and productivity at every turn

  • Iterative

    We draw and redraw our designs before they are manufactured, ensuring that the components are optimized to meet exacting specifications

  • Future Forward

    Using future-proofing design techniques, we plan for every product to stand out in the present and carry well into the future